Data Recovery

That heart wrenching moment!

Whether the PC is dead, or you have deleted the wrong folder and it's not available for restore from the trash folder, or the hard drive appears to have crashed - you are numb! All those photos, videos of the kids growing up, your music and none of it is backed up!

There are a number of companies that run data recovery services, they can be expensive but what is this compared with the price of those lost gigabytes of memories? However, let us assess whether you need to spend this sort of money and whether we can recover the data for you. Remember the assessment is free.

The data recovery service involves checking the hard drive with a number of recovery tools. In most cases the files can be restored and copied onto an external hard drive or other storage media. In cases of a hard disk malfunction, this usually is more difficult. In these cases, we normally recommend a disk storage recovery company*.

*There is no charge if PW Computer Solutions are unable to recover the files, either due to mechanical problems or we are unable to restore them from the hard drive. We will never attempt a repair to the hard drive, or write any data to the hard drive - as this could cause further damage. We only attempt to read the hard drive. We can also advise you on problems with other types of data storage media such as a RAID array, USB memory stick or an iPod.