Hardware Upgrades

Hardware upgrade support and repair is provided. The types of hardware upgrades and repair that are supported include:

  • Internal CD, DVD and Blu-ray drives

  • Laptop screen replacements from £75 including screen - please contact us for a quote

  • Memory

  • Internal Hard Drives*

  • Any other removable device such as sound cards etc.

In addition to the internal hardware listed above, support is available for the software running the internal hardware and external devices such as external hard drives, printers etc. This piece of software is called a "driver". Drivers are used by the computer to communicate with the internal and external hardware. Occasionally these drivers stop working, or a driver for a new piece of hardware does not install properly. This can easily be fixed, so if your printer stops working properly - it could be a problem with the driver, so contact PW Computer Solutions for a free assessment.

*The cost of a replacement hard drive will depend on why the drive is being replaced. This particular piece of work could include data recovery, a new installation of Windows, installation of other software etc. Therefore this work will need to be assessed, before it can be costed.