New PC or Laptop Setup

What's included?

Rather than spending hours trying to set up your new computer, why not let PW Computer Solutions help you? This set up service includes the following:

  • Check that the computer is working and set up computer name and user accounts.

  • Install any software that you would like on the computer.

  • Set up external devices such as printers.

  • Data transfer from your old computer

  • Connection to your broadband router (or wireless network*).

  • Set up internet connection.

  • Email accounts.

  • Install security packages such as firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware etc. if you have them.

  • Set up any back up and housekeeping processes that we recommend.

*The service includes broadband set up if you are already connected. Please note that desktop computers (PCs) normally require additional hardware or a device such as a network dongle for wireless connections. If no such hardware or device is available, broadband connection will be made directly to your broadband router if possible.