System Health Check

What is checked?

Over time a computer's performance can deteriorate due to a number of reasons. There are a number of tasks you can run regularly that will help optimize the computers performance. However as time progresses, there are other problems that can occur that starts to slowdown your computer. It is possible that a slow running computer could be infected with a virus, as this is a common symptom. However, it could simply be that the computers current hardware is not up to the job. Worst case it could simply be that the computer has had a good innings but it might be time to retire the poor old thing.

This service includes:

  • software optimization
  • virus check
  • hardware performance check and upgrade if required
  • a check on the computer's ability to run the installed software

Before any work starts, a free assessment* will be carried out to determine what work and additional hardware components may be required.

Software/hardware components will be charged to you at the price that is paid to the supplier/retailer.

*If it is determined that the best course of action would be to look at purchasing a new computer, no fee will be charged. If you would like help with selecting a replacement, PW Computer Solutions could recommend a number of options based on your requirements. A computer set up service is available, if you would like assistance with getting up and running with your new computer or laptop.